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Transcend Strawberry 15g Gel Squeeze Pouch 3/Pk

Transcend Strawberry 15g Gel Squeeze Pouch 3/Pk

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Product Description:

  • People with diabetes and Paramedics have learned to rely on Transcend Food’s 15 gram glucose gels to power through the lulls and rise above the situation.
  • These gels work faster than candy, soda, juice, and even other sports gels to precisely correct low blood sugar.
  • The syrup-like consistency of these gels makes them easier to ingest and faster to act than other sports gels, which often need to be chewed.
  • Featuring a small pouch design for easy carrying, Transcend Food’s Strawberry Glucose Gels are a convenient and reliable way to keep your body fully energized throughout the day.


  • Each 1.1 oz Squeeze Pack Contains 15g of Fast Acting Glucose
  • 60 Calories / 0g Fat / 15g Carbs
  • Raise Low Blood Sugar Fast
  • Lowest Risk of Over-Treatment Blood Sugar Spike
  • Used by EMS / Paramedics
  • Delicious Natural Strawberry Flavor
  • Syrup-Like Consistency; No Need to Chew Like Other Sports Gels
  • Tiny Pouch That's TOUGH - Carry in Every Pocket, Bag, Purse
  • Easy to Open, Easy to Carry
  • Never Freezes or Melts in Hot or Cold Climates
  • Individual Squeeze Pack Dimensions: 3¼" x 6¼”


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