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Isotoner Open Finger Therapeutic Glove

Isotoner Open Finger Therapeutic Glove

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Product Description:

  • The Isotoner Open Finger Therapeutic Gloves provide fast relief from symptoms caused by conditions such as arthritis or edema.
  • They are ideal for those who need extra support in their hands after surgery or for people who experience pain or aching after performing a repetitive motion.
  • Created by a certified hand specialist, these therapeutic gloves for arthritis  are made of latex free materials.
  • The seams are placed on the outside of the gloves to avoid any unnecessary agitation of already sensitive hands.
  • They open finger design allows the fingers to move freely so you can carry on with your daily routine.
  • They provide 23-32 mmHg of smooth, even pressure that gently massages the users hands to relieve swelling and aches.
  • They are water repellent and can be worn during the day or comfortably during sleep.

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