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Visco-GEL® All-Gel Toe Tubes

Visco-GEL® All-Gel Toe Tubes

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  • Soft Gel Tubes protect toes from pressure and friction and separate toes that rub. Relieve corns, crooked and overlapping toe irritations.
  • Fit comfortably in most footwear.
  • Effective for Weeks
  • GEL Softens & Moisturizes
  • Surround & Divide Sore Toes
  • Each package contains 1 small and 1 medium Tube that fit most toes.
  • 2 per pack (1 Small, 1 Medium).

Slip over toe. Test for comfort. Remove and trim length, if needed. Pull on hosiery carefully and readjust as necessary. For best results, keep nails trimmed and do not wear shoes that interfere with toe freedom.

Hand wash. Air dry completely before reuse. Sprinkle with talcum powder if gel becomes tacky.

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